Voir la version complète : Equateur a annulé le contrat de fourniture des radars de la société chinoise CETC

30/05/2013, 10h30
The reason for the cancellation of this contract by the Ministry of Defence radar Ecuador introduced are imported from China with poor quality, performance can not be true of this one adds radarCo, they received $ 3 million from CETC. Also, Ecuador Ministry of Defense will continue to demand the return CETC $ 36 million that it had previously paid $ 9 million and demanded more compensation. 2V Radar YLC was heavily advertised it did not work, which can be seen as a \, China for weapons. Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa said, in the next 18 months it will buy radar systems from other countries to replace China's radar does not work. China and Ecuador signed a contract to buy four surveillance radar system in October 10/2008Day range can be seen as a hasty purchase decision after the training aircraft for light combat , Ecuador has received from China's CETC 4 radar surveillance system YLC 2V, expected to go into operation in January 10/2012Tuy course, the contractor CETC continuous time- delay system into operation. Department of Defense Ecuador has extended for another 6 months time . The reason why YLC 2V radar system does not work after deployment in Ecuador have not been published. By May 4/2013 new Ecuadorian military fell back when they realize that all 4 YLC 2V radar systems that are not installed CETC is capable of when it dongTrong, the hype from the Chinese side is YLC 2 3 coordinates surveillance radar is capable of detecting modern stealth aircraft is the F 22 is 2V MyYLC mobile surveillance radar frequencies in S 3 with parameters , This radar is equipped with microprocessor digital MTI with very good resistance to interference. CETC manufacturer of YLC 2V eloquent statement radar is capable of detecting both advanced stealth fighter F 22 U.S. 2V YLC is its ability to detect aircraft 200 km distance from the lip , reconnaissance range of 330 km , accuracy introduced to 300 meters. But, fire up the mouse, radar systems are heavily advertised the sun can not operate when only lost export contracts for EcuadorKhong, partners were demanding compensation which the failure of the deal was a humiliation for the Chinese arms. Ambition to dominate the arms market of China South America will suffer greatly from this business nayTruoc, Peru has also refused to buy the main battle tank MBT 2000 Chinese. Cheap is not the strength of Chinese weapons when its quality too kemquoc vietTheo Infonet


30/05/2013, 10h36
Les gens veulent à nouveau de la qualité quitte à payer un peu plus cher.
Surtout quand là, il s'agit de matériels militaires