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12/05/2009, 14h55
Une compagnie aerienne americaine vient d'etre lance,specialisee dans le transport aerien des chiens et des chats.

Ces animaux voyageront confortablement dans des cabines speciales,et non dans les soutes a bagages comme d'habitude,les temps ont change,et ils continueront de changer pour tout le monde.


12/05/2009, 15h11
Pet Airways Company Profile

Pet Airways is the 1st Pet Only airline where pets fly in the Main Cabin, Not in Cargo. Pet Airways flies across the country with all pets flying safely in the main cabin with a pet attendant taking care of them at all times.

Pet Airways also offers through their MyPAWS club discounts on: Pet Supplies Pet Medicine Pet Food Pet Clothing Human & Pet Travel Pet Friendly Hotels And much more pet related products and services.

Milestones edit4/16/09 — Launch of its reservation system

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