Israel lance sa guerre civile en France : Apres le soutien tacite de l'Elysée a l'assemblée des malades et psychopates dégenerés et autres racistes israeliens, la secte dirigée par les pieds noirs et haineux israelo-sionistes franc maconne veut créer un 'Islaam aux couleurs de Tel Aviv' .
La franc-maçonnerie, Chalghoumi et Sihem Habchi de NPNS se réunissent pour créer un "nouvel Islam"

Le lundi 13 décembre à Paris, a eu lieu une conférence intitulée "Islam de France et laïcité", organisée par le Grand Orient de France, une loge maçonnique française parmis les plus importantes.

GODF - Grand Orient de France - Islam de France et Laïcité

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Posted by Abu-Suleyman at 4:21 AM
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Labels: Sarkosy : Ambassadeur du terrorisme israelien en France
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Monday, December 20, 2010
VIDEO : While depression is entering in a destructive phase, governments led by zionists will use false flag terrorism, blame Muslims, to divert attention from the real problems people are facing; their survival in the middle of the engineered economical collapse of the West
Introduction by Gordon Duff,
Veterans Today

Joe Quinn of Signs of the Times News for Tue, 21 Dec 2010 sticks to the facts. His video report on FBI complicity in terrorism is dead on. Video’s like his or Tony Lawson’s are some of the best tools we have for demonstrating the numbing effect of the incessant fabrications, lies and propagandizing the press in the United States has sunk to dishing out. There is no lower position in American society, no more criminal act one can perform than to be a paid journalist. There is no more ignorant and cowardly group than the press with a few, very very few exceptions.

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